Why LPG?

Thanks to its advantages such as supply flexibility, availability, economical use or installation speed and ecological combustion, LPG has become the best fuel for 2,000 heating and technological process applications. The ease and simplicity of storage that is environmentally friendly, have made LPG a great source of energy to use.

  • using standing boilers, single or double acting for dwelling heating,
  • hanging boilers, storage tank, bifunctional, flow water heaters or gas boilers supply hot water,
  • use of gas heat pumps meet the complex needs of heating and hot water,
  • kitchen supply, barbecues, radiators, fireplaces,
  • home lighting with gas lamps,
  • micro-cogeneration with the use of devices powered by liquid gas for the simultaneous production of electricity and heat.

DragonGaz offers the best up-to-date heating and installation solutions technology. A significant energy savings will bring you closer to the principles of economical operation of liquid gas installations:

  • excellent or very good thermal insulation of buildings,
  • modern heating devices with high efficiency,
  • systems with thermostatic valves,
  • installations with central weather control and weekly programmer,
  • proper heating cycles, tailored to your needs