There are several basic principles of using LPG cylinders and installation in a safety way. We are sure that all the procedures will be completed at the highest level only when it will be serviced by professional suppliers. It depends on the mixture quality and cares about proper bottle filling. For full safety, the cylinders are filled with 85% so that inside a  "gas cushion" can be created and that allows for the evaporating gas expansion. In addition, the supplier takes care of tanks and cylinders that are not filled in and replaced by new ones. Returned cylinders are checked for containers` tightness, its valve, and gaskets. If irregularities are detected, the cylinders are serviced, verified or replaced. We use special numbered seals that provide information of the filling location and entity are used, thus provide a guarantee to its users that the delivered cylinder is safe.

Of course, the equipment safety such as stoves, boilers and car systems depends on the user's care. All installations should be serviced properly, and the places in which they are used must have efficient ventilation.  Safety and performance depend on it.