After the Second World War Italy suffered a defeat. In this situation, Giuseppe Costantino Dragan was ready to start his business opportunities. ButanGas S.p.A. was founded on December 13. 1948, and specialized in liquid gas distribution (LPG). It was a chance to develop a comprehensively oriented mind of the founder. At the same time, he began his successful career in various sectors of human knowledge. He was involved in economics, worked as Vice President, and later as a President (for two five-year terms) of the Marketing Federation. He held many congresses and seminars, assisted setting up Marketing Associations in various countries of the Old Continent.

He also made a very important impulse that towards the development of international trade relations as a member of the International Chamber of Commerce and as a founder of the Italian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce (1973), which over time has become an important place of exchange between the two countries. He promoted many activities that supported the idea of ​​building a European economy and culture. He contributed to the recognition of "real Europe", extending from the Atlantic to the meridian of 30 °, where Eurasia starts.

He published his first issue of the European Bulletin on May 15, 1950. A monthly, dedicated to Europeanness, the only one of its kind and published for over half a century in Italian and French.

The combination of entrepreneurship and awareness of the culture role helped him to realize another dream - the creation of the European Cultural Foundation. In 1967, all these efforts led to establishing the European Dragan Foundation in Spain and Italy, with the main offices in many countries. The declared goal of the Foundation was to contribute the extension of ideas about the real European Union through close contracts with many associations, organizing various shows and celebrations. In Giuseppe Costantino Draganas` live, academic work was also very important. It helped him to develop an academic recognition. He was named a Professor of Marketing and Economics at the University of Bucharest and a Visiting Professor at the Business School of the City University of London. Giuseppe Costantino Dragan was a member of the Science Academy of New York and Romania.



Giuseppe Costantino Dragan died on August 21, 2008 in his home in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.