Craft and industry

·         using appropriate techniques as warm radiation, air or central heating system to heat all kind of industrials,

·         local and industrial bakeries regardless the type of installed furnace,

·         chemical laundries and mangles,

·         coffee roasters,

·         glassworks,

·         Christmas tree decorations manufacturies,

·         slaughterhouses, butcheries,

·         manufacturing plants (all industries),

·         painting cabins,

·         using heating gas pumps to meet the complex heating and hot water needs,

·         micro-cogeneration with the use of devices powered by liquid gas for the simultaneous production of electricity and heat,

·         gas and water chillers secure winter and summer heating or cooling needs,

·         LPG is the best solution for starting fuel of biomass methane production in biogas plants.


DragonGaz proposes the most up-to-date solutions for heating and installation technology. The use of radiant systems which are fed by liquid gas directly displaces traditional heating and allows you to:

·         reducing maintenance costs up to 70%,

·         limiting emissions of noxious substances and environmental charges,

·  good thermal conditions, the minimal inertia of the equipment allows economical consumption of gas because, after the start, the heat is felt immediately,

·     avoiding the uncertainty of its operation under varying atmospheric conditions, due to the lack of water in the installation,

·         minimizing air and dust movements,

·         reducing installation maintenance and operation to a minimum,


·         it is possible to use daily heating cycle with plant downtime exclusion.