Hotels, resorts, gastronomy

·      when using propane as a fuel, a heating system can be adapted to the user needs, both as well as a heating and a local heating system,

·        using gas heat pumps to meet the complex heating and hot water needs,

·   micro-cogeneration with the use of devices which are powered by liquid gas for the simultaneous production of electricity and heat,

·         gas and water chillers secure winter and summer heating or cooling needs,

·   air-conditioning, a system which allows maintaining the desired temperature and humidity in compartment regardless with external conditions, fed with both, liquid gas and electricity at the same time,

·         DHW boiler or flow preheater, in open and closed systems,

·         kitchen, and its gas appliances for preparing meals in a fast, clean and economical way,

·         water in the swimming pool can be heated by propane boiler,

·         it is an optimal solution to use propane burners and generators in a loundry where drying and ironing requires a lot of heat,

·         lighting of recreational areas with gas lamps.

DragonGaz offers the best up-to-date heating and installation solutions technology. A significant energy savings will bring you closer to the principles of economical operation of liquid gas installations:

·         excellent or very good thermal insulation of buildings,

·         modern heating devices with high efficiency,

·         systems with thermostatic valves,


·         installations with central weather control and weekly programmer.